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''Violence against children happens everywhere, in every country, in every society,'' says Anica Djami?


''It is in our towns and villages that awareness-raising programmes can and must be launched to help children and families recognise the scourge that is child sexual violence,'' said Anica Djami?, Committee of Ministers’ Thematic Co-ordinator for Children and Permanent Representative of Croatia to the Council of Europe, at the ONE in FIVE seminar organised by the Congress on 9 February. ''In Europe’s towns and regions, some very important action is being taken and very innovative structures and services have been set up. The good practises which we will hear about today will be of much benefit to all of the 200,000 municipalities and regions in the 47 member states that make up our Council of Europe. They will form the backbone of the Congress’ Strategic Action Plan for the future and I count on you, members of the Congress, to find ways to spread this information and to adopt these strategies in your constituencies and regions'', she concluded.

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