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Participants to the Pact

77 cities and regions from 22 countries

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The overall aims of the ONE in FIVE Campaign at local and regional levels are to associate Congress members, local and regional authorities and their associations, as well as other partners (NGOs, civil society organisations, officials, professionals, decision-makers, media) with the promotion of the Campaign and to raise awareness of the Lanzarote Convention among local and regional authorities. By doing so, the Congress aims to bring about the adoption of child-friendly local and regional services, to protect children and help prevent sexual violence within the community.  The Current Affairs Committee will follow the implementation of the Campaign.


The specific objectives for the Congress are to:


  1. raise awareness amongst Congress members, local and regional authorities, associations of local and regional authorities and other partners of the Campaign’s aims;
  2. promote the use of the Council of Europe’s legal standards and instruments (Lanzarote Convention and Child Friendly Justice Guidelines) when setting up structures and mechanisms for protecting children from all forms of violence;
  3. encourage local and regional authorities to launch campaigns, develop awareness-raising tools to prevent sexual violence against children, in particular disseminate and adopt campaign awareness-raising materials (in particular the Council of Europe’s Underwear Rule and other campaign material) to assist parents and carers to talk to children about sexual violence in a child-friendly manner;
  4. promote a multi-stakeholder approach and encourage local and regional authorities to develop coordinated multi-disciplinary structures, processes and mechanisms to tackle sexual violence against children;
  5. develop a culture whereby towns and regions are more child-friendly and enable children and young people to participate meaningfully in the development of safe communities free from sexual violence.



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